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Watermelon Kiran Big 1 pc (Approx. 2800 g – 4000 g)


Brand Name : Lowpriceonlineshoppingapp

Manufacturer : Lowpriceonlineshoppingapp

Made in India


This summer, get creative with your Watermelon! While cutting the Watermelon into thick slices and serving it with salt is the standard way to eat Watermelon, but there are plenty of other options for getting creative with this sweet and hydrating fruit. Try a refreshing and unexpected pairing like Watermelon and salty feta cheese in a salad. Make some chilled soup using fresh Watermelon or pick up a frozen smoothie to keep you cool. So, go ahead, buy Watermelon Kiran Big 1 pc (Approx. 2800 g – 4000 g) online now!


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