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Apple Royal Gala 4 pcs (Approx 500 g – 700 g)


Brand Name : Lowpriceonlineshoppingapp

Manufacturer : Lowpriceonlineshoppingapp

Made in India


Gala Apple is a sweet, crunchy and juicy treat that is easy to eat with its small dimensions. The mild yet sweet flavour of the Gala apple is delicious all on its own. The vibrant red and subtle hints of green specks in the apple contrast nicely to form its unique mosaic look. It’s simple to consume on the go and makes an ideal snack food for adults and kids alike. Accompany it with Greek yogurt and walnuts and enjoy a nutritious and tasty snack on the outdoor patio on any summer evening. So, go ahead, buy Apple Royal Gala 4 pcs (Approx 500 g – 700 g) online now!


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